What we can offer
A dedicated and experienced team that can help sports and entertainment professionals with their brand strategy and online digital presence.

Social Media Management

We are aware that for those in the public eye social media can be daunting; dealing with abuse, online trolls and making sure you say the right thing at the right time.

We can help remove this headache by controlling your social media posts, developing content, engaging fans and promoting you and your corporate partners.

Digital Strategy

We run a detailed health check to analyse your current social media accounts and overall online presence. You will be provided with a detailed report which we will use as part of building your digital strategy.

As part of this we liaise with your team, employers and digital partners to ensure that we meet your business objectives while growing your brand image

Graphic Design

We live in a visual world. Content with visuals get 94% more total views and are 40x more likely to be shared on social media.

Our experienced creative design team can help with logos, marketing materials, infographics and web design. All of these are useful tools to help boost your brand image and engage with fans.

Web Site Development

Our website developers have worked with companies such as Microsoft, Betfair, Boots and Cancer Research to name a few.

Whether it is your personal or business website we can plan and develop a fully engaging site in tune with your personal marketing strategy and that of your corporate partners that will grow with you throughout your career.

Even if you already have a website we can offer development, management and guidance including search engine optimisation (SEO)

Charity & Foundation

With years of working with foundations and charities we are well positioned to help you set up and run your charity including the time-consuming application process and of course full brand identity and awareness.

Once the charity is set up then we can assist you with the promotion, fund raising, event management and all the associated marketing materials needed to run your charity and enable it to achieve its goals

Business Development

Support is available for our clients with their various business interests. Whether it be setting up a soccer school, running a fashion blog or promoting a property development firm.

We can provide full brand identity such as logos, stationery design, marketing materials, web content and social media strategy & implementation.

Protected Mobile Telecoms

With mobile access to social media over taking that of desktop computer access in recent years it is even more important for public figures to keep their private information secure on their mobile device.

Our sister company Spotlight Telecoms looks after many of the country’s top sports stars and celebrities offering them a personally managed mobile phone service available 24/7, with trusted discretion and additional billing security.

We can offer full mobile device management (MDM) lock, wipe, restore and encrypted solutions to make sure your personal and business information is protected.


Working alongside Spotlight Telecoms we have run seminars and workshops educating Premier League clubs and their staff on how to use their mobile telecoms devices safely.

Not only that we have advise them on protecting their information and also outlining the pitfalls of social media and posting online content.

We work closely with expert legal consultants who can help avoid reputation damage and invasion of privacy as well as providing robust legal advice in the event of a crisis.

Media Training

Our in house journalists and reporters deliver regular training workshops and one to one mentoring sessions. This can be for those wanting to improve how they come across in interviews or for clients who want a career in the media.

We can help write press releases and statements and will liaise with employers media department.

Translation Services

Thanks to social media the world has become a smaller place. It is therefore vital to be able to communicate with your fan base all over the world.

We can help get you set up on social media platforms in China such as Weeibo and Qzone and offer translation to help get the right message to your fans and followers.

For international clients moving to the UK we can also help translate your social media in to English and our team includes Spanish, Portuguese, French and Mandarin speakers.

Internal Communications

Over the years we have installed, developed and branded internal communication platform SharePoint for some of the best companies in the world.

Whether its an intranet you need designing, a portal you need set up or something more heavyweight such as a project you need managing - we can help. We can work with you to delivery a fantastic SharePoint solution that will empower your business.